How I went from 100,000 followers to 10,000 in one month - social media engagement on Instagram

How I went from 100,000 to 10,000 followers in ONE month!


Hi there! Some of you may know me, some of you may not, so I'll start off by introducing myself. My name is Chloe , and I am a content creator focused on instagram that started out under the username Chloe.Meagan which recently turned into Fierce Fibro Femme. I started on Instagram December 2016 and quickly gained a large following through talking about my mental health struggles at the time.

I left social media around January 2017 and stopped producing content online. This of course, in the seven months, caused me to lose around ten thousand people who were expecting more constent communication - which of course, is entirely fair. Seven months is a long time to be away from social media!

I came back to social media August 2018 and quickly REDUCED my following from the 83 000 that were remaining to now a very engaged and loving community of 13, 000 followers! Why did I do it, you may wonder? Why would someone throw away such a huge following to start over again ?

There are many different reasons why I chose to clean out my following by an additional 60,000 followers on top of those i had lost which are outlined below in detail! This has actually brought more revenue, more collaboration offers, more engagement and a strong community. It has allowed me for my blog to hit 15,000 views and 5,000 visitors in my first month of even owning a website (two weeks after our official launch!). There are more advantages than disadvantages of keeping your followers list cleaned up and here are 10 reasons why.

How to increase engagement on instagram fierce fibro femme


The first and most important thing for content creators on social media is their Engagement rate, which shows how many followers per like/comment you receive. If you haven't calculated your engagement rate yet, Phlanx is a great and easy tool to use ! The more you grow, typically your engagement drops which creates a lot more work for you to continuously engage with others to be able to maintain that level of engagement.
By removing ghost followers, people who aren't supporting you and just lowering your numbers, it'll automatically increase your engagement rate and will keep it high moving forward!

Typically, people who are following over 4,000 followers are considered as "mass followers". I've found that by going through every single one by one, I noticed that quite a few of my followers were actually following a lot of people they loved and weren't trying to make it big. It made me sad to see that analytics considers those people as a negative impact, so don't use an app to delete everyone. I recommend going one by one to truly see who is following you instead of relying on a number - that being said, if you are someone who has a follower:following ratio of UNDER 4 , I would start clearing out your followers ASAP if you are trying to be a content creator. To easily calculate this number, you take the number of followers and you divide it by number of following. Influencers typically range in the 8+ follower:following ratio.


When I started and I saw the amount of engagement I was receiving, I never stopped to question where it may be coming from. I was ecstatic that people were interested in what I had to say and that I was climbing fast; however, once I was going through who was actually following me, I noticed that a lot of them were people way outside of my niche.
Way outside, as in peeping tom stalking pictures of pretty girls online type of followers. I had a lot of men, a lot of older aged men, who did not engage with my picture but had been following me for a long time. Recognizing that a fair amount of my followers were there to oggle me made me feel safer as I was removing them; I felt like I had more control over my body moving forward. It doesn't stop people from seeing my content but it does make it a lot less creepy for me.
Empty followers don't bring anything to your account, and they will not impress companies especially when they run it through analytics. I was surprised that not too many of my followers were actual fakes , although when I still run it through systems it states that around 40% of my followers are considered unsafe even though I've gone through them one by one. It goes to show that Instagram does not have their analytics down pat like they say they do.


I recently started investing myself into SEO's and web page optimization, and one of the things in marketing when it comes to businesses is finding your "1000 followers", which simply states finding 1000 people who would be influenced by you - By being a business, launching a product would be an "influence" , while being a content creator could mean that 1000 followers would be ready to buy something you recommend.
In clearing out your followers, you're guaranteed to find those 1000 followers to engage with or continue growing your social media to find those 1,000 knowing by clearing out your followers you will be guaranteed to have them soon.


The expectations that are put on you as a content creator at around 100,000 followers versus the ones put on you at 10, 000 followers are incredibly different. At 100, 000 followers , people expect you to have mastered the craft, be able to post and be emotionally raw on a constant basis as that's what you built on, and also expects you to stay in one niche. I found myself often emotionally drained and not enjoying the work aspect of social media the higher my following was.
Taking a step back and lowering my following has not only removed some expectations others have of me, but those I have of myself. I understand that the people who follow me , support me and want what is best for the content creator. It's an empowering situation as opposed to a stressful one.


Location, location, location! Another key analytic for content creators, one's location is increible important when collaborating with other companies and even with who you are recommended to on Instagram. Removing followers allowed me to pin point where I wanted them, and now have followers mainly in North America, UK and Australia.


By reducing my followers, I managed to refocus the purpose of social media back to my message and content , and less focused on me as a being. This allows me more flexibility in what I want to post and also gives me the opportunity to delve into another niche when we grow as people.


I read an article a long time ago, and I wish I could find it to link it, but it stated that with a macro influencer (typically people over 100,000 followers but could be less or more depending on the niche) people tend to be enticed with them as a being, while a micro influencer people tend to be more engaged in the actual content which brings better ROI. Influencer Marketing Hub does a great pros and cons list of working with micro and macro influencers that you should check our if you want to know more!

How I went from 100000 followers to 10000 in one month 30 days on instagram


This one was one of the best parts of cleaning out my social media list! When there are a lot of people following you on a daily basis, it is easy to overlook someone you could connect with and either collaborate or make a friendship with! I found over 500 people that were gems and have been such a wonderful source of support (even more so than before) and I get to follow their life now too. It creates a stronger community for you, and also aids in feeling less lonely as a content creator.


Since going down to 13,000 followers , I have found that every new person who follows me is a quality follower. By this, I mean that they are real engaged people , who are interested in my story and want to contribute. They are wonderful beings whom I am fortunate to have met, and also aids in growing in your niche and becoming bigger. When you remove followers,you end up with a more concentrated follower niche which once again, makes you more popular!


My absolute favorite thing that I didn't consider would happen - seeing all of the incredible people that have been following me since day one andhave watched me struggle and grow. The people who although I left for seven months, never gave up on me.


The ten ways outlined above as to how clearing out your followers list for better social media optimization is necessary if you want to keep yourself in a specific niche and have followers that stay with you and are engaged! It allows you to get to know your followers personally by going through them one by one, finding possible business to reach out to or new bloggers to connect with. The people who remain are hand picked by you, and are the best of the best!
I hope this helped you a ton. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions about how I did it, the changes I've seen or any additional information that is required. Shared this post by clicking one of the icons below to share with your community of influencers to make it stronger!

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  3. This is so good. I am clearly not at the point to do this but it is a good thing to keep in mind as one grows. This must not be an easy thing to do but so worth it. I have often caught myself saying”so and so only has X number of followers, how come so many companies are reaching out to him or her?. Well there is my answer.

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