Listen up there little soldier, are you ready to start kicking ass and take positive advice? Welcome to your 30 DAY BOOTCAMP. Inspired by my own time in military training, this 30 day breakdown will give you the tools needed for you to be positive, to increase your level of self confidence, to break limits you previously had and to walk out of it with your head held high. These are not difficult things to do , they are simple steps to get you going on a better path but only if you put in the work and dedication! So grab your journal and sneakers, and let’s get working towards achierving this intensive plan.

Every day, you will have a new task to accomplish. The plan works much better if you do it in sequence without missing days, but I also understand that life gets busy! If you can’t do one activity a day, switch it out for something you can do but make sure to complete the prior task before the end of the week. The tasks will be explained in detail as well as what the benefits to each are. Scientific data will be provided wherever possible.

A downloadable PDF will be available at the bottom detailing every day so you can stay on track!

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