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50+ Items for people living with Chronic Illness


Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I have spent more time in bed than I ever thought possible! Chronic sleep deprivation, feeling exhausted, muscle weakness and dizziness are the top reasons why I personally have difficulty leaving my bedroom, however you may absolutely have a multitude of other symptoms that may cause you to remain in your cozy nook. In the past few years, I have accumulated resources, items and suggestions from wonderful people like you and decided to compile a list that makes life easier and definitely more independent !
Below there are more than 50 different products that I have found to help me, categorized in different uses. Knowing how chronic illness can affect your wallet, I have opted for giving you two different options ; one high brand and one comparable quality but much more budget friendly!

I put most links on amazon as it makes shopping easy and very disability friendly. I also have amazing readers like yourself from all over the world and know that amazon will likely carry the same item if not similar. I personally would never do any shopping without research, and that's why I did the same thing when compiling this list! These are all items that are top rated, best price for their quality or that I personally use. I did all of the research so you wouldn't have to! This post took me over 30 hours to compile, I take serious pride in the products I recommend so you can rest assured that these are all 10/10 products in my book! If you don't have prime yet, I highly suggest it. You get FREE 2 day shipping, unlimited video streaming (They have Parks and Rec!!) and other benefits and discounts. You can press below to sign up for a 30 day trial.

I know pictures would have been much more aesthetically pleasing, however I wanted you to be able to make a choice in comparison with prices included. Please let me know in the comments if you'd rather just pictures ! At the bottom, you will find a FREE downloadable PDF of this list so if you feel like actually going on a shopping trip, you can easily print it out! (Sept 15th).


⦁ Great quality bed
⦁ Sleepy time tea
⦁ Melatonin
⦁ Black out curtains
⦁ Body pillow
⦁ Essential Oils
⦁ Essential Oil Diffusers - Diffuser & Jewelry
⦁ Magnesium Lotion
⦁ Heating mattress pad & Heated Duvet
⦁ Heated Blanket
⦁ Noise cancelling headphones
⦁ Sound Sleep System
⦁ Fan
⦁ BiPap/CPaP/Snoring/Sleep Apnea
⦁ Magnesium Supplements
⦁ ASMR Apps/Guided Mediation
⦁ Blue light glasses
⦁ Gel pillow/memory foam pillow
⦁ Sleeping Log Journal
⦁ Leg pillow/triangle
⦁ LED table lamp
⦁ book
⦁ Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp
⦁ Iron, B12, and folate supplements for restless leg disorder
⦁ TENS unit
⦁ kindle
⦁ Heat pack/massage pad
⦁ Massager/Hockey Balls
⦁ Slow progression alarm
⦁ Gel bead eye mask
⦁ MyFibro App
⦁ Alexa/Google Home
⦁ Thermos/Water

⦁ Roll out closet hangers
⦁ Amazon Prime/Netflix/Hulu/CrunchyRoll
⦁ chronic pain work book
⦁ Tray for bed
⦁ Big backrest pillow


⦁ Great quality bed made especially for chronic pain - Let's start with the incredibly obvious! Given that fibromyalgia symptoms tend to revolve around being exhausted and deep aches, a great bed makes a huge difference when the typical adult spends 229,961 hours sleeping through their life - and fibro tends to up those hours.

Purple bed for chronic pain and fibromyalgis
Cloud_Luxe_Foundation Tempurpedic

Sleepy time tea - Drinking any type of caffeine free tea will help you fall asleep faster, however teas that include Valerian root, Passionflower , California Poppy, Lavender and Chamomile will help induce sleep faster.

Melatonin -Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by your body, and can be taken to help with sleep and to come off of benzodiazepine drugs like Ativan. Melatonin is safe to take up to 10 mg per night, but doctors reccomend starting at the lowest dose and increasing from there. Please check in with your doctor if you are having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleepif taking melatonin for more than 3 weeks.

Weighted Blanket- Cozy and warm brings together the best of both worlds. Providing deep pressure touch simulating the warmth of being held with out being physically held. This is part of the practice of grounding. It is shown to help reduce levels of cortisol, the hormone produced when your brain believes you're under attack. It is great for individuals who suffer from fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, as it disperses gentle pressure over the body or to a localized tender point providing a relaxing sleep.

Black out curtains - These bad boys don't let anything in. Having too much light in the bedroom while sleeping can but quite disruptive. Blackout curtains are a must have for a good night's rest since they feign the natural cycle of the sun and allows you to sleep whenever you decide by blocking all light.

Body pillow -  Body Pillow's are wonderful for providing support to your back and legs, especially with those who suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome. This allows for more restful nights and less pain in the morning!

Essential Oils for Sleep - The essential oils that are best recommended for sleep are Lavender, Vetiver, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Valerian , Neroli and Clary Sag. You can apply them topically onto your skin or put them in a diffuser for all night use!

Sleep Mask - Just like the black out curtains mentioned above, these sleep masks are designed to fit snugly without applying too much pressure, eliminating all light and visual distraction.

Essential Oil Diffuser - Essential Oil Diffusers are wonderful as they provide a quick, effective way to provide relief , it lasts longer than other methods as some diffusers can go for hours and makes everything around you smell lovely which may help with nausea!

Yoga - Doing evening yoga is wonderful for stiff muscles and to tell your body that it is time to wind down for the day! It improves circulation, slows down your breathing, increases oxygentation and just makes you feel great overall. The two places that I personally go to for Yoga are Yoga with Adriene on Youtube and Gaia, where your first month is only 99 cents (not affiliated).

 ⦁Yoga Mat- It is vital that when you have fibromyalgia that you also have a yoga mat to exercise on. Yoga mats provide stability and cushioning, which is required by CFS sufferers everywhere! Feel free to add in blocks and band if you want to stretch or have even more control over movements.

⦁ Heating mattress pad &  Heated Duvet- These heated mattress pads and duvet are excellent for maintaining a warm body temperature during the night. Most of us are plagued with a constant feeling of cold while simultaneously sweating, so having an additional control over the heat source you have at night is wonderful for a good night's sleep.

Noise cancelling headphones- I absolutely adore noise cancelling headphones and so will you! Whether it's to quiet the neighbors, the dog or your partner snoring , these are a must for listening to meditations or ASMR as they cut out all sound. There have been some studies against earphones that go into your ear, but I've provided a couple of option as I prefer them due to a tragus piercing.

White Noise & Other Machine - These little gadgets are wonderful for those who don't sleep with headphones on (or those who's slip off at night). These help by blending noise together and allowing the brain to focus on the white noise, which limits sensory input.

⦁ ASMR/Guided Meditation - Guided Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is used through multiple naturopath and western medicines. The guided meditation can allow you to focus on a journey or intention and follow the guider through listening. There are many different guided meditations that can be found here or by going to any of the apps mentioned below.

ASMR is not a new phenomena, but has seen an increase in popularity over the past decade. ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response which pretty much stands for the pleasant feeling you get that usually involves a "tingly" feeling that is of course, non-sexual. Often, we discover ASMR very young while getting a hair cut, having a story read to us, etc. You can listen to Gibi's video below to find out more!


Tingles- Tingles is an app for ASMR creators and listeners alike to share and watch content!

Atmosphere - An app where you can listen to relaxing sounds from different environments.

ASMR Orbit - Tailor your own ASMR experience with this app!


Calm - Calm is an app focused on providing guided meditations and sleep stories.

Fan - Regulating temperature is incredibly difficult for those who suffer from chronic illness, and is usually accompanied by sweating or cold chills. Having a fan helps circulate air in the room keeping it fresh, and also helps cool down the room and avert any hot flashes.

Sleep apnea machine or tools - Some people may need CPAP, BiPAP or Sleep apnea machines due to snoring or sleep apnea. I recommend seeing a Respiratory Therapist or doctor in your region before investing in any medical equipment.

Magnesium Supplements-Magnesium supplements are great for pain , especially that associated with restless leg syndrome. Magnesium reduces pain by acting as a relaxant which eases muscles, reducing aches and pains. I personally take it as a supplement which I've provided below, but there are some who drink it as magnesium citrate!

Blue light glasses- Blue light before sleep is awful as it affects melatonin productivity which can lead to difficulty falling asleep. Most phones and computers have this option as well if you look under settings! I recommend turning the blue screen off starting 8 as that is when your cortisol levels are highest.

Iron, B12, and folate supplements for restless leg disorder - Iron , B12 and Folate deficiencies have been linked to restless leg syndrome. If this is one of the symptoms that you have , consider adding in a daily supplement to allow your muscles to rest at night.

Compression socks for restless leg disorder- Please check with your doctor before starting to use these, they are not for everyone. Compression socks are great for people who have varicose or spider veins who suffer from itching and burning due to them. They allow for better circulation and slow the progression of vein disease if worn faithfully. 

Memory Foam Pillow- Memory foam pillows are much better than regular pillow at contouring your head and aligning your spine. This is better for you and your pain in the long run, as well as making it a comfortable sleep tonight.

Sleep Journal - Sleep journals are efficient in tracking what does and does not work, and also allow you to share your sleep patterns with your general practitioner easily!

LED table lamp- With the same concept of blue light glasses, here I offered an alternative to lights. These desk lamps allow you to read or journal at night without the use of blight light, which once again, helps us snooze.

A Good Book- I absolutely adore reading and have loved it since a very young age. I used to get in trouble at supper time because I would bring my book to the table! Here are a couple of top rated books on Fibromyalgia, but really, any book that you adore works!


Leg pillow/triangle -  Once again, this one is to help anyone dealing with restless leg syndrome. Having a pillow to elevate your leg may help, and for those who sleep on their side, having a pillow between your legs can provide support.

Himalayan pink salt lamp - There are many supposed benefits from Himalayan Salt Lamps but the most noticeable ones are : Purifies air , helps with allergies and asthma, reduces stress and is known to increase energy levels, helps you sleep and reduce static electricity.

⦁ Magnesium Sprays and Lotions - Again with the same concept as taking magnesium supplements, magnesium lotions and sprays are great for any sore or restless muscle!

Heated blanket- Heated Blankets are not only wonderful to have in your bedroom, but the fact that they are easy to carry and still provide a source of heat no matter where you are is a necessity for us spoonies!


Slow progression alarm - Alarms that wake you up slowly make for a peaceful awakening which can set the whole mood for your day. They are proven to work on hard sleepers as they allow someone to come out of sleep progressively!

TENS unit - Tens stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a machine that sends electrical impulses accross the skin and nerve strands, which is especially helpful for fibromyalgia sufferers.

Reading Tablet - Although I don't recommend using a kindle at night as it is an electronic, books can sometimes end up being heavy and turning the pages hurting our fingers! With the kindle or Fire, you can bring any book or newspaper with you in a lightweight way.

Massager - I don't think anyone needs an explanation as to how wonderful (family friendly) handheld massagers are , even able bodied people! I have put two options here- one that you can put on yourself, and others that you can still do yourself but also fantastic to have your partner help you out with!

Massage balls - I absolutely adore massage balls are the one find that I have been raving about since I have found them. They are easy to use for most parts of your body and can be used sitting or laying down, and can be done by yourself in most cases!

Light Therapy - Light therapy has been used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for quite some time by medical professionals, and now you can easily bring it into your home! Light therapy mimics natural light outdoors which is believed to stimulate a chemical and improve your mood! Most light boxes are essentially designed the same but one may work better for you. Talk to your doctor before using one if affected by SAD.

Gel bead eye mask - I find gel masks difficult to fall asleep with as they don't provide the same type of comfort as the cushion ones do, but waking up in the morning and putting a gel mask straight out of the refrigerator is a splendid way to wake up feeling refreshed! It will also reduce redness and puffiness.

MyFibroTeamTHE MIGHTY - Two of my favorite websites when it comes to finding a supportive and loving community full of tools and personal stories. MyFibroTeam focuses primarily on Fibromyalgia, and the people who are on there are extremely willing to help and lend an ear to every day problems - They are most definitely very active! The mighty focuses on ALL disabilities and mental illnesses, plus provides a safe space for families and medical professionals to be educated and share resources.

Thermos - Professionals state that one should drink a minimum of 16 oz of water in the morning on an empty stomach. This promotes proper digestion, flushes toxins, fires up your metabolism and hydrates you. These cups allow for your water to stay cool while you're sipping it!

Home Control System - Having a system control your house is beneficial in many ways; this allows for hands free control when your body may be going through a flare, you can put on tunes in the morning which has been proven to elevate mood and it also allows you to communicate via the system instead of texting through your phone.


Extendable hangers- I never noticed just how heavy clothes are and how much of a chore getting dressed in the morning can be until i developed a disability! I now love anything that rolls out. You can add Caster wheelsto any cart or box you may have to make for easy storage. Changing the rods to extendable rods in my closet have made a world of a difference! I can now see all of my clothes without having to tired myself out rummaging through my wardrobe.

Amazon Prime

You like buying things, you like buying your groceries, and listening to your music. With one subscription, you almost get it all. For $8.99 a month, this fun pack of services does everything to setting your dinner, to setting the mood.

Watch your favourites tv shows while buying dog food, and not have to worry about the extra bill. Just worry about your your pups, they need food, and you can enjoy the great sounds of jazz or the blaring laughter of Parks and Recreation.

Don't try to share this with too many people, Amazon only allows for streaming of two devices at a time, but really who likes sharing anyways.


Top competitor with Hulu in your lowest streaming price at $7.99, you'll find on the internet. The big thing we've always loved about Netflix, they won't charge you if you really love binging your favourite shows. With new options to download your shows and movies offline, you technically will never have to stop.

Careful though, those shows and movies, can come and go real fast. But you'll also have to be a bit patient waiting for episodes to be released.


For $7.99 a month you get a wide variety of shows. Including Hulu's originals, like The Handmaid's Tale. Leading the industry in simultaneous streaming, it's great for big families, or if you have bunch of devices you wanted to stream all at once,we won't judge

Just Beware of the extra costs, they creep up fast.


You love anime. You really love anime. Netflix didn't give you enough. Amazon prime promised better but not really, so you went to Hulu. Still not satisfied? Only $6.95 per month, you can inhale the entire saga of Naruto Shippuden, or overload yourself with My Hero Academia. Whatever your vibe is, there's an anime on here waiting for you.

Before you jump in though, get your dictionary ready. As animes come, you're either going to understand it, or you're going to pretend you understand it. There's not too many subtitles available, and the ones that are aren't always perfect. With Crunchyroll, subtitles are professional grade every time. You can get the first 30 days free by clicking here (not affiliated through us, although we wish).

Chronic pain work book - Having a book to log all symptoms and environmental conditions is great to figuring out what is and is not working when it comes to the management of your illness. This can show correlations one may never have thought about, and also makes it easy to share with your general practitioner.

Big backrest pillow- Given that most occupational therapists recommend working from home when having a chronic disability, this can cause strain on your back if working from your bed. Having a good backrest to work, or even for your casual reading, is necessary to avoid pain!

Tray for bed - Once again, extremely helpful for ALL of those who do any work or art from home. I love having the option to sit somewhere comfortable like my bed or couch and have the desk so I can have everything on hand!

Thank you #FierceFibroFighters Family for reading my "50+ items for fibro" list. This list was a journey to compile; I definitely never thought when I started that I would have this page completely erase twice, my coding stop for half of these images and a multitude of other hiccups. I am so excited to share with you all of the little things I have found since developing chronic illnesses that have helped me and hopefully will help you with your journey. I would absolutely adore hearing if any of these helped in the comments or if you have any other additional items you'd like to add on to this list (I will make sure to update it!).

Side note, by using the #FierceFibroFighters hashtag on instagram, your post will be featured in the "FIERCE FIBRO FEMME" page. I want to celebrate ALL chronic illness, not just fibromyalgia, even though the name states Fibro. I want to know all about your experiences; the joys and difficulties of living with a disabilities, life with mental illness or any obstacle that you've surmounted ! You can follow me @fiercefibrofemme <3

Wan't to do the research yourself? Click here to be sent to Amazon's fibromyalgia page!


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