Twenty three and on my way to the moon;

A Gemini on the hunt for peaches and justice. Yes I said peaches because they’re the softest fuzziest fruit I would snuggle if it wasn’t weird. I’m a secret animal whisperer at heart, and cuddle master. I have my Bachelors in the Arts, as in I will sing, dance, and write poems to remind you how beautiful you are to me every day. I have a strange way with thoughts and convoluted ideas of how the world functions. However, I am a very avid believer in aliens, and am terrified of dolls that go bump in the dark. No matter how you splice it, I’m a Gemini through and through –identifying as ‘gender nonconforming’ to make you even more confused, and I will never give you a yes or no answer. My passions include animals, particularly dogs and koalas, and dogs, athletics (another fancy word for sex) and have I mentioned dogs?
On this particular unisphere, I will be providing all of my twenty three years of experience coming from an academic, hopefully fun, and South-East Asian narrative. I won’t promise you that everything I say will pertain to you, nor will you fully be able to empathize, however I hope that on here you find the support, resources and community that I know personally is rather difficult to find elsewhere. I come from a background full of fruitful knowleges, things like tying a tie for the first time, or completely changing every part of you to fit your happiness. I hope that some of my experiences will bring us closer together, as people who have struggled, and are on the search of a lifestyle, being, and identity that makes us feel phenomenal about ourselves. It is not often that we are told, or are shown the development and growth we acquire through the years. I believed for the longest time that I was either just stuck suffering through until some miraculous day I wouldn’t have to struggle anymore, however I have recently gone through a radical change in the way I think, feel, and experience the world around me. It was not an easy journey and I still do not believe I have learned everything I could. I know that, no matter how much I currently struggle in my daily life, life does not necessarily have to be a constant dig out of a hole. I learned that being alone isn’t bad, finding a love in a friend is one of the most valuable treasures I could bear, and I can be exactly what and who I want to be. Such realizations and progression would not have been possible without the support and care for those super close to me, I guess I should mention Chloe.Meagan.

I believe that with a positive and insightful community, we can create a resource, a space, and even an escape that allows us to feel safe discussing our rationalities, identities, and our daily struggle. This space will be full of positive and powerful contributions, of storytelling, and so much growth. I am not a voice of reason, or even god (I’d like to think so though), however I can be the voice that pushes you remember your resilience, your beauty, and the strength in your vulnerabilities.
Love Always,

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