After the early morning of June 12 at 2:02 am, my life changed completely. A night filled with JOY, LAUGHTER & LOVE  turned into the most horrific night I will never forget. A man that was not in his right mind decided to take 49 beautiful souls and injured 53 people that were filled with joy. I, unfortunately, was one of the 53 injured. I was shot multiple times with injuries to my right leg, my left thigh and hip, burnt leg nerves and a shattered left femur. I’ve gone from not being able to walk to using a wheelchair to crutches and now walking with a cane. It has been a long hard road to recovery but I will not let this experience break me. I have turned this tragic event into something positive. Through The Unlocked Project, I have designed a special Refocus Band and Key Necklace to help spread the message of LOVE, HOPE and POSITIVITY to the entire world. Letting everyone know that this has made not just me, but our whole commuinity stronger and more united. The proceeds of my designs will benefit the Hope & Help Center of Central Florida. Let’s show the world how full we are with LOVE and that no matter what, remember to always Keep Smiling. #ORLANDOSTRONG

Angel Colon through the UNLOCKED project.

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