“Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me”. IF EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT SEX, THEN WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND INFORMATION ABOUT QUEER SEX?
Sex should be hot, consentual and…silly ! Sex was made to be fun, it was made to be enjoyed with someone and find a release. We want to educate you but also make sure that you know it’s fine to be silly and to laugh (or maybe I should take some of my own sex tips if I’m the only one).
We want you to be educated, because we find the lack of resources on healthy sexual activity concerning, especially for young queers between the age of 13-17 who are full of raging …thirst for knowledge. That’s why we started HEALINGTHROUGHPOSITIVITY’S SEXUAL EDUCATION PROJECT. In these pages or if you so choose, downloadable pdf, you will find information on every topic that Auggie.Blue and Chloe.Meagan could think about. There you will find information about a multitude of sexual topics ranging from different KINDS of sex (yes, there’s more than one), how to say no, how to say yes -because consent is sexy- and to show you that we all went through the same fumbles starting out. We’re also planning to give you an anatomy lesson so buckle up cowboy !

There are 2 versions! One for teenagers 13-17 , with sex specific information and statistics geared specifically towards you lovelies, and another for adults.

We hope to have this project completed for April 15th 2016. However, we will be constantly updating our pages and uploading pdfs (before they are all put together), so don’t miss out on the conversations and learning opportunities!