If it’s dancing in your underwear , going for a jog (BRAVE SOULS), giving a right jab to a punching bag or sweating in a hot crowded room while your instructor tells you to bend like a pretzel at yoga, whatever gets you moving is fantastic for your overall well being!

DOPAMINE– Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is used to send off information. It helps controls the reward center of your pain as well as emotional responses. It’s usually what gives you that “runner’s high” and improves your mood and long term-memory.
SEROTONIN– After your workout, dopamine levels tend to drop while serotonin levels will elevate. This hormone helps regulate your sleep cycle, controls your appetite. The most noticeable mental benefit is a feeling of satisfaction and you’ll think clearer (which MAY help you with your drunk-texting-your-ex behavior).
CORTISOL-This is the hormone released under stress. When you work out a healthy amount, it will bring up your resilience to stress!
ENDORPHINS- FEEL GOOD HORMONE. These are what make you feel happy and block the pain when you’re trying to lift those 75 lbs dumbbells.

There are so many incredible benefits of working out, but here are a few:

  • It helps you cope with stress! Doing physical exercise for 30 minutes boosts your dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrin. Not only that, but it has been shown that women who exercise regularly seem to have fewer signs of aging (2010 study University of California, San Francisco).
  • It helps fight depression! It only takes 45 minutes, three times per weeks to see the benefits when it comes to mental health. Exercise apparently can stimulate the parts of your brain affected by depression, and yoga three times per week can increase GABA, a hormone that helps boost your mood.
  • It makes you sexier to sapiosexuals ! Exercise stimulates growth hormones, which help in developing learning and memory skills. Activities that require a lot of coordination like dance tend to be the best as they give your brain a workout on top of your body.
  • Makes being vain a lot easier! With the mental health benefits, you’ll start feeling better and that always translates to looking better. Plus, exercise is known to boost self-esteem. Quadruple whammy.
  • Runs, not Drugs! Yes, I know that is an awful rhyme, but exercising leaves you with a high if you’re going at it hard. Interval training is best for the release of chemicals.

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