Healingthroughpositivity started out as a question; “Why is there no fun, comprehensive and educational website geared towards us young members of the queer community?”. With this in mind, we wanted to create a space where anyone, but especially young adults, could come and get their information on a multitude of topics pertinent to them all while bringing in some zest.
We want to bring you a place where you can be assured that the information found is up to date and based on scientific data found through a multitude of sources, as well as personal experiences for you to relate to. We also want to bring positivity to hard conversations, openning discussions in a way that reduces stigma and gives you tools to better your situation.
We hope that you love this website as much as we loved creating it,

1 thought on “WHY H.T.P.?

  1. Speaking as an officially ancient lesbian, I’m glad you’ve created this place and in spite of all the evil stuff that’s happening in the world lately I’m glad to live in a world where it can exist. I can’t help wondering what it would’ve been like if I’d found something like it when I was young–oh, a thousand or so years ago.

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