What is the power of a word?

“Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble.”

-Yehuda Berg

In this space we open up the our minds, hearts, and souls to the power that are simple characters on a page, meshed together to articulate knowleges, wisdoms, and compassions. Mending words is a project aiming to decolonize the art behind literature, and storytelling in order to authentically exist not only in the sense of being but also to be heard, seen, and documented.

In doing this, we not only hold the realities and people in our lives accounrable, but also ourselves. Storytelling is how we think, how we understand life, and we call them schemas, or scripts. We use them to explain how things work, to justify our decisions, make sense of our time and space. Among many other pyschological and spiritual health benefits, storytelling and sharing are powerful methods of healing.

Mending words recognizes that story telling is not linear, we know that telling our stories and our experiences come in various forms. So this project aims to open up the space for multitudes of media and art pieces from community members, including, videos, music, paintings, sculptures, etc. - All pieces will be curated in a way in order to meet accessible standards for all viewing audiences .


2 thoughts on “Mending Words

  1. Very topical right now. Yes, words have immense power, to heal and to hurt. I wish people would pause and realize how much their opportunity to understand and to be a community is being destroyed or kept apart !

    1. Absolutely! There is souch power in the way we communicate. I’m still learning to recognize the impact of words everyday. With every word that we establish in the English language comes responsibility

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