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My odometer having just clicked over to 51 years, I am grateful to be surrounded by a community of diverse and sometimes divergent generations. Still, many Boomers don’t understand my Gen X views any more than many Xers understand those of Millennials. But we owe it to each other to learn from one another, or, at a minimum, to build bridges of understanding.
It is in that spirit that I’d like to thank the Millennials and Gen Z for being today’s champions in the charge toward fluidity and non-binary thinking. Finally, those who refuse to live in unnatural boxes are being represented, and the masses are slowly coming to understand that gender and sexuality are not only components of spectra, but, like most things, can change, over time.
All I ask, my dear young people, is that you have patience with those of us from prior generations. Understand that our years on this planet can make the change of ingrained thinking slower than you may like. Adding gender-neutral pronouns to a 40-year-old binary vocabulary, for example, is no easy task. So don’t take our perceived transgressions as a lack of support. Teach us, rather than judging us. Favor empathy over reaction. And as you awesomely break down walls and change minds, remember that the path you stand upon was paved by many of us, in our younger days.
With age can come things like marriage, mortgages, children, tuition, divorce, elder-care, and a million other plates we spin, day and night. So please don’t take offense to our often limited bandwidth. Little ones with stomach flu take precedence over protests, but that doesn’t mean we are not down for the cause. We thank you for your understanding, and for your participation on the front lines.
We come from vastly different times, but rather than being divided by our differences, let’s pledge our cooperation. Be open to learning from our experience as we open ourselves to dashing tradition through your enlightenment.
 This is not a time to be divided. May our unity spread like wildfire!
David Hand, @MisterDavidHand

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