Addyson D'Marko- Paralysis : Beating The Odds

Paralysis : Beating the Odds by Addyson D’Marko

Paralysis: Beating the Odds by Addison D'marko

Paralysis: Beating the Odds is the book I wrote about the first three years of my personal
paralysis recovery journey. By that point I knew that people in similar situations needed
inspiration to tackle their day to day lives as well as their illnesses. Despite what some assume,
there's nothing fun or glorious about the chronic migraine disorder I have had my whole life
paired with just as painful paralysis recovery. Those of us with chronic illness always forget to
credit ourselves for how far we have come as it can be difficult to focus on our successes
instead of our shortcomings.
Originally I was writing it for myself to gauge where I was at and continue to trudge onwards,
but then it got humorous and I realized I needed to share it with the world and give people a little
sneak peak into the reality of a recovery journey. I did my best to keep it light and fluffy by not
talking about the brutal trauma I experienced as a queer person with a disability. Just as many
others with a chronic illness I just take it day by day trying to make the most of everything. The
book only covers three years of what will be a continuous lifelong recovery, but it paints a vivid
picture of my life since day one in recovery.

Paralysis: Beating The Odds

After a life altering medical fiasco Addison spends the next few years fighting to get her old life back and beat the original diagnosis of left side hemiplegia. Through this journey she finds out the biggest hindrances as well as the most helpful tips and tricks along the way. In this book you will find out what she did to recover from her stroke at age sixteen when she was told she would never walk on her own again.

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