There are 7 defines types of abuse; Physical abuse, Domestic violence or abuse, Sexual abuse, Psychological or emotional abuse, Financial or material abuse, Modern slavery, Discriminatory abuse and Organisational or institutional abuse. In this section, we will be focused on DOMESTIC ABUSE DYNAMICS which encompass psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional abuse and can involve partners, exs or even family members.

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is deemed as when there is either psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional abuse that are controlling or threatening between anyone aged 16 and over with anyone they have been intimate with or family members.

⦁ Does the partner of this person demonstrates coercive or controlling behavior?
⦁ Does the partner threatens, humiliates, intimidates or even assault this person?
⦁ Does the partner punishes or frightens the person on purpose?
⦁ Does the partner isolates the person from sources of support?
⦁ Does the partner may control some or all financials of the person.?
⦁ Does the person in question has developed low or lower self-esteem since being with or around this person?
⦁ Does the person feels extreme amounts of guilt or blame?

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is when someone causes you physical harm. There are many different actions, but the common ones are: hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, hair-pulling, biting, pushing, rough handling, burning, punishments involving physical harm, restraining someone against their will, making someone physically uncomfortable (such as keeping them extremely cold or in a state of physical stress), isolating someone against their will, misusing medication, forcing them to eat or withholding food and restricting movement.

⦁ Do they have injuries to which they have no story for or for which their story is inconsistent?
⦁ Do they frequently get injured?
⦁ Does their behavior change drastically around the possible agressor?
⦁ Do they have signs of malnutrition?
⦁ Do they fail to seek out medical treatment for any or all injuries?

Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse constitutes any harm that is done to someone’s mental or emotional well being . This includes, but is not limited to, yelling or insulting someone, pretending not to notice someone’s presence, name calling, embarrassing someone in public, calling someone names, putting the blame on them for everything, causing someone to feel intimidated or threatened, limiting their contact with their support system or even their movements and controlling their finances.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can take many forms , but these are the ones the most easily identifiable: Inappropriate touching on any body part at any location, Sexual Assault or violence, Non-consensual masturbation of either or both people, non-consensual sexual penetration, any sexual activity that someone can not consent to, sexual harassment , Sexually photographing someone against their will or distributing images against their consent and indecently exposing themselves.

⦁ Do they have bruising, especially around the thigh, buttocks, neck and upper arms area?
⦁ Is it difficult for them to walk or sit?
⦁ Is there bleeding, pain or itching in the genital area?
⦁ Is there any trauma of any orifice (tearings, bruising, bleeding)?
⦁ Does this person have any unexpected infections or sexually transmitted diseases?
⦁ Does this person have a hard time holding in urinating and it has no medical cause?
⦁ Does this person self harm or has developped self harming?
⦁ Is there a big change in sexual behavior ?
⦁ Have they became withdrawn or has poor concentration?
⦁ Has this person developped any type of sleep disorder?
⦁ Does this person refuse to be left alone with the possible agressor ?
⦁ Do they refuse help with personal care or stay away from physical contact even with close ones?

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is when someone controls or steals your financials for their own personal gain. This means things like theft, fraud, scamming, preventing someone from accessing their money, putting someone under stress to lend them money, misuse of income in a family home, someone moving in with you without your consent and living rent free/puts you under duress, using your bank account, exploiting your assets or money, misusing a power of attorney.

⦁ Does this person often have missing person possessions?
⦁ Is there a lack of explanation as to how the partner is able to maintain a lifestyle?
⦁ Are there withdrawal of funds from this persons account without them knowing where it went ?
⦁ Does the partner control all financial aspects or give the person a budget ?
⦁ Has this person incurred more debt since being with the partner?


Discriminatory abuse is unequal treatment due to your age, gender, marital status, pregnancy, disability, race, religious, sexual orientation, etc. These are known as “protected characteristics” under the Equality Act of 2010. This type of abuse can be displayed through : verbal abuse, derogatory remarks, inappropriate language related to this protected characteristic, harassment, exclusion, denying basic rights to access healthcare, education, employment or criminal justice or giving awful service because of one of the things listed above.


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