What is Packing and How do I do it?

What Am I Packing And Why do I Pack?

We're packing today!! So put away those cardboard boxes, that heinous masking tape, and well you can keep the bubble wrap if you want.

Packing plays with the idea of gender. It allows for us to explore, express, and play with the ways in which we understand sexuality and gender.It is a method by which we synthesize a bulge in our pants using padding, socks, or synthetic penises. Using different packers will create different experiences to each our bodies, as well as for others. For many, having this physical bulge is crucial to their physical experience and often help individuals with gender dysphoria.

FTM Packer / Harness Auggie Blue

Wikipedia defines packing as “wearing padding or a phallic object in the front of the pants or underwear to give the appearance of having a penis and male bulge". Now the rest of that definition is completely unnecessary if you went there looked it up. So many parts wrong with it but we won't talk about that here.

The first time I remember packing, I was four. At the time, I was playing with my two older cousins. And we did what most kids did, we played house. Long story short, we had baby, mommy and daddy. So guess who always wanted to play Daddy.

As I got older, and would eventually allow myself to test boundaries of gender and sexuality, I researched everything I could. What they were packing, why people wore packers, and which one was best for me.

At first I thought I was being ridiculous, who was I fooling? Everyone was going to know and it’s going to fall every. I rattled my brain with worry, trying to plan out everything about using my packer, how often I was going to clean it, and when I was and wasn’t going to wear it. At one point, I almost gave up on the idea completely.

But, with months of looking at penises,  I bought my first packer at 19, at Venus Envy. I was excited and super nervous; I wasn't really sure how it was all going to go. But I bought it, my good ol’ Mr.Limpy. He was a nice vanilla little cock, and by little, I mean only a small 7 inches. Of course, I had to make sure I could have all the right equipment, I bought a cheap harness to hold him up.

It took a me a little bit before I had the courage to take him out for a test stroll. This was for many reasons, one of which, I have a really big ego. So strutting around with it not being an overbearing site was a bit difficult. There was a bulge, and oh boy, was there a bulge. But I felt amazing. I had a cock. I had a penis. I had a weird sweaty smushed bulge in my pants. The reality hit me right there, I know why people with penises feel so powerful.

If you’ve never tried packing, or never even thought of trying to pack, I guarantee that you’ll never feel the same after. You may think it’s only a small select few who do this, however it’s a been known to be a very common practice during genderplay.

This practice  is a lot more common than most people think, and is not limited to only non-binary, and trans folks. Many cis women pack on and off daily depending on how they’re feeling, and their urges. Many cis men also have reported packing in order to explore deeper into their masculinities.

Packing can bring different senses of comfort for each individual. Some find that packing allows them to feel more cohesive with their body and gender, while others find comfort in the warmth of having something there.

I started packing more when I back in university, when I found myself not presenting as masculine as I felt I need to be at the time. I was already binding daily, I hadn’t started my hormone therapy, and I had made sure there was very little to no feminine attire apart of my wardrobe.

I still was not passing enough, and I still feel over-feminized by the rest of my physicality.

I wanted to find a balance with my body, and so after weeks of coaxing myself, I tucked Mr. Limpy between my legs and strutted off to school.

Now, having the bugger on is one thing, walking with the bugger is another, but running, running is a skill.

I head to catch my bus, packer nicely put in its place, and I watch my bus roll up to the stop. I’m still not quite yet so I booked off before the bus could pull away. By the time I get into my seat and somewhat settled for the ride, My Limpy had gone from my crotch to down my right thigh.

To say the lease, test out your packers! I There are so many different types of packers out on the market, each with their own unique functionalities.


You can find packers that allow you to stand to pee (STP), packers for sexual play, and even just limpy ones for everyday bulges.

Amazon offers a few options for different STP devices. Great for camping trips and daily personal use.

Whichever you choose, make sure you have fitting boxers or a well fitting harness. I’m little, so I get my boxers in the boys section of Amazon, they’re cozy and small enough to keep thing held in place.

Matching Binders and Boxers need to be a thing, but until I roll out my own line of Masc-custom binder boxer sets we will have to settle our next favourite lines from Amazon.

These binders are super cost effective and great quality. Having a long and short lets you alternate according to your daily needs.

There are days where it just makes sense to me that there is something between my legs, while others, it’s not a total necessity. There’s no right or wrong time to pack, and there’s no right packer for everyone.

Even years of different packing experiences, from socks, to prosthetics, packing is still an exciting exploration of gender play for me. Remember to be patient with yourself, and have fun with your penises.

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  1. Nice post Auggi.


    1. Thank you so much Dawn ! Hope you’re having a great day 😊

      1. Your Welcome dear, ya it’s been alright.

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    2. Sorry it took me a bit! Thank you so much for reaching out 🙂

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  2. This was a fascinating read that I never thought to consider. My look can be androgynous to some and they end up calling me Ma’am, Miss, Mrs. I’m far from what they perceive. I was born a man, identify as a man, yet for 30 of 48 years someone out there is always confused. I’ve also been dealing with weight for most of my life and if your pubic region is fat than it swallows your penis and honestly I think the only time I had a bulge was from the age of 13-22. Some friends jokingly suggest I whip it out to prove my manhood but i got an ostrich in my pants so that a’int gonna happen. My androgyny is in essence someone with small hands/feet, soft features, the inability to grow a lot of facial hair, long lashes (must be the middle eastern in my roots), no adam’s apple & soft features. Sigh. So, packing might be an option I might consider.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you experience so much misgendering. Packing is definitely not something many cis men think about because it absolutely questions and challenges the idea of masculinities. Especially with so much focus and emphasis on sex, toxic representations of masculinities and feminities continue to be enforced. This creates a particular standard that even we hold ourselves to. I hope along your journey, you are gentle with yourself.

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